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ASP.Net MVC - Fully Loaded

I had the rare pleasure of starting a greenfield project at work a couple of weeks ago. This is a quick post to document the many tools and packages it's picked up in the last 14 days.


  • MVC Mailer (nuget) - send email using MVC Razor views to compose the email body.
  • SimpleMembership - a lightweight alternative to the old "ASP.Net Membership" mostrosity. It only adds three tables to you database, interoperates well with code-first, "just works" with the builtin MVC [Authorize] attribute, and saves you from having to worry about password hashing.
  • ELMAH (nuget) - simple, effective error logging. Needs a little tweaking to play nice with MVC.
  • Twitter Bootstrap - a CSS framework from the folks at Twitter. It gets a bad rap for creating identikit sites, but you can easily tweak colours and fonts if you use the .less source files instead of the compiled CSS. I love having a simple design pallette when quicky iterating UIs, it stops me going completly off the rails.
  • T4MVC (nuget) - gets rid of those "magic strings" that end up sprinkled all over you MCV code for controller, action and view names. Strong typing FTW!


  • Json.Net
  • Mustache
  • jQuery - unobstrustive validation and ajax


  • ASP.Net MVC 4
  • EntityFramework 5 - Code First
  • Code First Migrations
  • SQL Server 2012 Express
  • Razor 2
  • WebAPI


  • Git (hosted on bitbucket)